Targeted SEO Benefits

Targeted SEO Benefits

February 17, 2014
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SEO in Lynnwood Targeting your SEO efforts to those people in your immediate and surrounding areas, offers your business the online visibility to specific customers and the keywords they may be searching for locally. All companies utilize their websites as a way to achieve specific goals, promote services, and boost sales for your business. Defining those goals in advance makes it easier to focus your efforts in particular areas through targeted SEO keywords.

Target Your Keywords

Determining the keywords, and their variations, that are most likely to be searched by customers that you want to bring to your website is the first step in formulating an SEO plan. Pairing those keywords with surrounding areas that you desire to target, can help you reach your local customers. Write down a list of the most probable terms and areas that your customers would be utilizing through search engines in order to find the services that your business offers.

Highly Profitable

By utilizing SEO that is targeted to specific areas, you can capture your share of the many people who are using the internet to search for their local needs. In addition, the conversion rate of using SEO as a marketing technique is more than 50% higher than other types of marketing. Including local keywords that customers are most likely to type in when preforming an internet search increases your chances of coming up in the results.

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