Social Monitoring


A social media campaign is a continuous process and requires constant monitoring, updates, and maintenance. It is important to determine if social media campaigns implemented are effective, which requires tracking and the modification of strategies and advertisements at a moment’s notice. Top Marketing Agency implements effective social media marketing campaigns, and monitors each progress thereafter to encourage noticeable client results. It’s important to us to promote the success and understanding of all parties involved that a clear road map is discussed prior to ensure our clients are satisfied with the results.The-Big-Four-Social-Sites

Top Marketing Agency implements the following social monitoring strategies:

  • Identify Client Objectives
  • Develop a Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing Assessment and Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Re-evaluation

Social media marketing campaigns and monitoring go hand in hand; which is one reason why it’s so important to have a company who understands the social media marketing landscape and implications. Top Marketing Agency understands that frequent social monitoring determines the success of any good social media marketing strategy. Our dedicated account manager works with our clients closely to accomplish social media goals and set new strategies as needed.



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