Social Media Strategies: Blog Posting Title Insight

Social Media Strategies: Blog Posting Title Insight

December 13, 2013
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In our generation of social media and newsreaders, blog titles matter quite heavily. The title of a blog post conveys a lot more than you would initially realize.  Especially online, readers have extremely short attention spans.

If your business is posting blogs and articles on a regular basis, it is important that the title hit your target audience up front with an impactful headline to catch and hold their attention.

Here are some helpful tips for optimizing your title:


Your title must be easy for readers to figure out what the subject is, with a little mystery or cliff hanger that makes them want to read the full article also.  Try asking a question or introduce controversy in order to spark reader curiosity.

Keep it short

The days of longer headlines are over, and are difficult to read. Try to keep your title short, informative, and compelling. The best title length is about 60-70 character

Offer an insider Tip or Advantage

Let the reader know that by reading your post, they have something to learn. Examples of which include: How to, When To, and Learn About.

Understanding your readers

Study you’re demographic and what they are interested in reading. What title would attract them to this and read my post.

A good blog title:

  • Covey’s the tone of the post
  • Attracts Attention
  • Is a summary of the posts content

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