Social Media Mistakes That Businesses Should Know

Social Media Mistakes That Businesses Should Know

January 18, 2014
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Social Media Mistakes Social media has taken the world by storm in recent years as a necessary tool for the creation of brand loyalty. While the potential of social media is huge, most businesses do not know how to utilize each site properly and therefore are not experiencing the best results they could be seeing in return.

Social media is an influential way for businesses to communicate and connect with their customers. However, one of the primary mistakes that businesses make is using social media as a form of one-way communication. “In order for social media to prove successful for a business, it must be used as a two-way street by engaging with your fans,” says Jeff Sherman, CEO of Top Marketing Agency.

Another mistake made on social media is over-selling. Only about 10 to 20 percent of a business’ social media posts should be sales-focused. The other 80 to 90 percent should be some kind of fun fact or valuable information that customers will be interested in reading. While promotion is necessary every once in a while, a following will be lost if all messages are sales-focused. The third most common mistakes businesses make is not monitoring and simply ignoring suggestions, questions or complaints regarding products, services, or the business as a whole. “If no one is working to acknowledge posts by customers, they will begin to assume that you do not care about them, their loyalty or their business,” says Sherman.

Probably one of the most important skills a business needs to address when it comes to social media is the ability to add value. There is a lot of noise on social media and customers don’t want a business to add to it. “In order to make an impact with customers, a business must offer insight and value,” says Sherman. Another very important factor is to learn how to properly and effectively manage the overflow of communication. If your business is on all social media channels, from Twitter and Facebook to YouTube and LinkedIn, you’ll find yourself drowning in comments, tweets, etc. Learn to use available apps, tools, and settings to filter the important information from the insignificant.

Last but not least, business executives need to have a sense of humor. When creating content for social media, the content shouldn’t be a typical corporate response. “Posts need to be light-hearted and fun, with topics or stories that relate back to your core business and interests” says Sherman.

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