Social Marketing Strategies: Increase Exposure of your Communities with Social Buttons

December 18, 2013
Topic: Blog

The most impactful way to dramatically grow the number of impressions on your social networks, is to embed social buttons within your site and all marketing communications. Adding social media buttons on your website makes it easier for your online community to access and share all of your content from one place.


Most blogs have social sharing buttons embedded in each blog to encourage readers to share the article from its original source. On your website, some of the locations you may want to display social buttons are as follows:

  • Website Footer
  • Website Header
  • Blogs
  • Newsletter
  • Email signature

Experts suggest that social media buttons be displayed on the top, bottom or along the side of your home page.  To make sure that your users don’t exit your web page altogether, you should create the buttons or links so that they open your social media pages in new windows.

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