Siri SEO for the iPhone

Siri SEO for the iPhone

March 16, 2012
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Siri is so versatile that “she” can carry out search queries on your iPhone. Top Marketing Agency has taken notice and now optimizes for Siri.

When people utilize Siri, they primarily seek local information, so your business must have accurate listings on Yelp, YP, Citysearch and Google Maps.

Individuals searching on Siri use their voices, not their fingers so long tail keywords are more important, because people typically say more than they type.

We create a variety of keyword strings, particularly for linkbuilding. This is a sound SEO strategy for the new Google, and it also works well for Siri optimization. The more natural the keywords in your link profile appear, the stronger your results.

Siri frequently uses on-page tags. These are particularly important to local searches, since they include your business location, phone number and operating hours. Top Marketing Agency uses to create rich code-containing tidbits of information in a structured way to make it easier for Siri to locate you.

We are Siri SEO experts so call us today at 888-843-9840 to optimize your business on Siri.


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