Significantly Boost Conversions With Email Marketing Funnels

Significantly Boost Conversions With Email Marketing Funnels

March 10, 2020
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Significantly Boost Conversions With Email Marketing Funnels

Email marketing funnels are an instrumental part of an email marketing strategy and help to bring visitors back to your site, increasing frequency and recency and increasing conversion rates.

When visitors visit your website, they may not make immediate purchases; they may come and view the various products and services you offer, then return multiple times before becoming a customer. To make them a customer, you need to bring them back to your website. There are various ways you can bring them back, which includes remarketing with display advertising, retargeting with social media ads, or email marketing.

Email marketing is a great way to reach prospective customers and share branded messaging along with incentives and offers that encourage the potential customer to visit your website and move through your marketing funnel. Email marketing funnels are a great way to automate this process and help you convert more customers.

Email Marketing Funnels

Email marketing funnels allow you to craft a series of emails that provides information potential customers need when making purchasing decisions as well as any offers that will motivate them to take action.

  • First, the customer will visit your website and subscribe to receiving marketing information from you. This may be in exchange for information, free resources, coupon code, or because they are thinking of doing business with you.
  • Once they have subscribed, an introductory email is sent that may contain information about your company, products, and brand, as well as any information that may have been promised when the prospect subscribed.
  • Over the next few days, additional emails are sent to share information, links and may also contain strong calls to action and incentives that encourage the potential customer to convert.
  • These emails help the potential customer continue to gather the information that is needed to make a decision and send them to your website over a period of time to gather

While your email marketing funnels are sending these emails and helping customers convert, your email list is growing. This will allow you to send out additional promotional emails in the future. These emails will likely have a higher open rate as the subscriber knows more about you and your business.

If you are ready to build email marketing funnels that move potential customers through your marketing funnel, contact us today at (888) 843-9840.


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