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Seattle PPC Management - Pay Per Click Agency
Our Seattle PPC Management company provides our clients with qualified pay-per-click managers to place your business in a better position online.  With over 1,000 PPC campaigns managed, our strategy has proven to offer sustained traffic and increase our clients revenue. At Top Marketing Agency, our PPC experts will implement the best strategy for your business, after conducting thorough research on your business goals, your competition, your reach (distance that you provide service) and the services you offer.   With a combined 25 years of experience managing PPC campaigns, our PPC management specialists will help your business increase traffic, decrease your cost per click and increase your conversions of leads and sales.


Our PPC management teams have the following characteristics that separate us from others in the industry:

  • Transparent: We explain in detail what we are doing with your account. Reports are provided on a regular basis.
  • Willing to share: As a client, you need to be involved in major decisions regarding your own PPC campaigns. Our PPC managers teach you how the concept works to keep you in the loop.
  • Aware of profit possibilities: Some PPC ads are able to generate more conversions than visits. Our team members use these to benefit your site and can explain each strategy in great detail.
  • Experienced in E-Commerce: E-commerce becomes more complicated every day. Our PPC teams are experienced in e-commerce solutions and know how to make them effective for you.
  • Organized: Our PPC managers see the relevance of keywords for every situation. We organize keywords based on effectiveness and usability for different client markets and times.

Our Seattle PPC Management will yield the results your business needs to ensure success. Contact us at 888-843-9840 for a free consultation and to see how our marketing strategies can benefit your business.

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