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There are numerous marketing strategies available today to increase customers at your auto dealership. Pay-per-click or PPC is extremely effective and very cost-efficient. Top Marketing Agency provides premium PPC services, whereby we only receive payment when a person clicks on the ad we create for you.

We enable your business to save advertisement dollars with search engine marketing or SEM methods that help you gain a lower cost per click. We structure and research ad campaigns to suit your business needs, are transparent and open in our business tactics, provide full reporting that shows exactly where we spend your advertising dollars, how much of the traffic was converted into sales and how many clicks you received.

As a reputable Seattle Auto Dealer PPC service provider, Top Marketing Agency offers a better SEM proposition from the PPC campaign inventory. We can manufacture new campaigns for the specific car models in your inventory to guarantee that traffic travels directly to your vehicle details pages. This translates to a high quality score and effectively drives your cost-per-click down.

Contact Top Marketing Agency at 888-843-9840 to let us help you with your PPC campaign. We look forward to working with you.



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