Save Room In Your Marketing Budget For These Top 7 Marketing Trends

Save Room In Your Marketing Budget For These Top 7 Marketing Trends

December 3, 2018
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Save Room In Your Marketing Budget For These Top 7 Marketing Trends

The end of the year is a busy time, with most people thinking about upcoming travel plans and spending time around the holidays with family and friends. However, marketing and business leaders are working hard to put together a strong budget and plan for the upcoming year to get a jump on the competition.

When you know that you have room for improvement in terms of marketing and customer connection, it is crucial that you think about some of the top trends going on throughout the industry today. Top Marketing Agency is here to guide you through these trends to ensure that your business comes out on the positive side when diving into the latest marketing strategies for 2019. These are some of the top trends that you need to think about for your marketing goals in the new year:

1. Content Is Critical

If you were able to interview a wide spectrum of marketing departments, you will quickly learn that content marketing is essential and the true core for every aspect of what a marketing team is set out to do. This means that you should be making sure that content is part of your budget and marketing plan. If you have a strategy already in place for content, go over it once more to be sure that you are heading in the right direction for 2019 while enlisting all the right resources.

In order to make your content work for you, it is imperative that your sales team is on board and understands your goals. Keep watching all of the latest sales trends and use content to your advantage as you smooth out your sales processes. Because content is so important, you need to also have a budget in place that reflects just that.

2. Utilize Chat For Marketing & Convenience

Audiences today would like to have interactions with brands that are not only authentic but also helpful. With our Facebook Marketing & Chat Implementation, these interactions can happen on their terms, where they are. It also helps by enriching your marketing strategy with information that comes directly from your audience. With nearly half of marketers neglecting to use actual audience conversations for research, this is a huge missed opportunity.

Chat will help to give you the insight that you are looking for but also streamline the information delivery process. You can then easily use this information to refine future messaging – which is why this is something you need to look into for 2019.

3. Discover Alternative Search Formats

There are several ways that you can communicate message as well as various ways for your audience to look for the content they want. Voice search is gaining ground, and Google has announced that visual content is going to become more prominent in search. This means that you need to be prepared to take advantage of alternative speech.

Recent research has proven that both image-based content and audio-only content is on the rise. With these marketers already moving in the right direction, you never want to get left behind simply because you left alterative search formats out of your marketing budget. 2019 calls for the need to prioritize your multimedia content and beyond.

4. The Pairing Of Marketing And PR

There has been a trend of PR and marketing teams overlapping – which does not seem to be slowing anytime soon. These two entities often share common goals and also work well with one another, making a strong force when it comes to your company’s overall goals and reach. Over the years, PR has become much less templated and more about providing engaging content that is valuable not only for reporters and brands, but also to audiences. Because engaging content seems so familiar, it is because this is what marketing is focused on. Bringing PR and marketing together can turn into quite a beneficial union and more value for everyone involved.

5. Data and Security Privacy

Privacy is important and people today are looking for ways to keep their online security top-notch. Protecting personal information and strengthening online security is an area that cannot be neglected for 2019. Successful marketers will be those that have the right processes in place for collecting, storing, and protecting the information of all of their audience members.

6. Stop Contributing To Noise

Nobody likes to be spammed, so you need to think about the messages that you are delivering with your marketing message. There are ways that you can create personalized, authentic messages that your audience will enjoy and appreciate. People are usually bombarded with mass amounts of information on a daily basis, so finding a way to communicate more effectively while adding value to your content is a true gift for your audience.

7. Go With The Less Is More Approach

Things are always evolving at a rapid rate, especially when it comes to communication and marketing – which is true for both marketers and audiences. There is always something new trying to grab your attention, so instead of getting caught up in the latest trends all at once and getting overwhelmed, you need to be strategic with your choices. Proper assessments should be made to help you make the most of your marketing budget and a plan has to be put in place so that you can be set up for success.

Marketing is always evolving as well as the outlets that we offer to help our customers at Top Marketing Agency. It is important to us that you are not only able to gain ground from a marketing standpoint, but that you are also able to provide immense value to your audience. These top marketing trends for 2019 detail some of the many ways that we can help you to reach your goals when you want to make the most of your budget for the upcoming year. Contact us today for a free marketing consultation by calling (800) 327-RANK (7265).


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