Reputation Management for Beginners

March 3, 2016
Topic: Blog,Reputation Management

Someone recently noted that if you do not manage your online reputation that it will be managed for you – and not always in the most positive way. Reputation management is crucial for success.

Reputation Management

There are any number of people who may set out to sabotage you online for a variety of reasons. Your ex-spouse may “bad-mouth” you, an unhappy customer may slam your return policy, a neighbor who is angry about parking space allotment may attempt to sully your name or a former employee may state (rightly or wrongly) what a terrible employer you are. There is no end to the possibilities and the formats in which it can take place. Blogs, online review sites, social media and other websites are all viable outlets for positive and negative press.

Ignoring the issue is the absolute worst thing you can do. Negative publicity simply does not go away on its own. Debating the problem or reacting angrily do no good either. There are ways to protect the good reputation you have worked so diligently to build.

What you should do is respond quickly to all comments about you and your company in a calm, polite manner. Respect others’ opinions. Utilize social media yourself to repair damaging commentary. You may find that keeping abreast of all comments about your company 24/7 is time-consuming, considering that you have a business to run.

This is where a company that specializes in reputation management can be invaluable. Top Marketing Agency will monitor your online reputation, increase customer trust, promote your brand and make you aware of any issues you must address. Call us today for more information at (888)843-9840.


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