Remarketing with PPC Marketing

Remarketing with PPC Marketing

January 24, 2020
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One of the big buzz words is retargeting or remarketing with PPC marketing. Remarketing is about bringing back visitors who have already been to your site. We’ll discuss why remarketing is essential and how it can improve your sales.

Visitor Usually Visit More Than Once
Chances are visitors to your site visit more than once before completing a transaction or fill out a lead form. If you only spend time driving new traffic to your site, then you are missing out on opportunities of moving existing visitors through your sales funnel. We can look at your analytics and determine how often potential customers visit your site before completing transactions or becoming a lead and build a remarketing campaign that can help increase sales.

Remarketing Based On Behavior
Visitors who work through your sales funnel may take different actions, such as visit specific pages, fill out forms, add products to their cart, visit your about us page, and more. When we build remarketing campaigns, we take a look at what the customer journey looks like and identify specific pages that help progress through your sales funnel. We can then target specific people who have reached vital pages or taken particular actions and retarget them to bring them back and move to the next step in your sales funnel.

Closing The Sale
With the various remarketing opportunities available, we can reach people who are ready to buy and encourage them to seal the deal with your company by sharing an offer with them that will excite and motivate them to complete the action and become your next customer. Remarketing opportunities extend from email to advertising on Youtube to banner ads throughout more than 2 million sites on the web. We can help you reach back out to hot leads and close those deals.

Upsell Existing Customers
Another great option is to bring back existing customers to your website to help existing customers know what else you offer. From new services to new products, it’s always easier to sell to existing customers, so take advantage of this by keeping in content with your existing customer base with remarketing.

If your ready to utilize remarketing with PPC marketing, contact us today at 888-843-9840. Top Marketing Agency offers PPC Marketing solutions, including remarketing and retargeting.


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