Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising directs viewer traffic to a website at a specific cost-per-click. These ads can be placed on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, AOL, Ask.com and more.  Each time a visitor clicks one of your company’s PPC ads, there is a cost to you.  The price varies depending on the amount of competition for the keyword, the quality of your ad text, your CTR (click thru rate) and many other factors. Top Marketing Agency has a team of experienced PPC advertising experts who will help your company manage a well optimized PPC advertising campaign that drives more traffic and leads to your website.

SEM Management

Let us develop the SEM or search engine marketing optimization and campaign management requirements for your business.  Your company will have a well optimized search engine marketing campaign that will drive more traffic and leads to you.

PPC Management

Trust us with your PPC management campaign and we guarantee that your business is in capable hands. We have a combined 20 years of PPC management within our team of pay-per-click campaign managers.

SEM Company

Our skilled SEM or search engine marketing company hires only the most qualified professionals to help ensure your business benefits from a well optimized search engine marketing campaign. Your company will experience a high return on investment upon utilizing our services.

PPC Company

Our PPC company will aid your business in establishing a stronger presence online with our quality pay-per-click marketing services.

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