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Troubleshoot common issues when setting up email in Outlook 2007. Meanwhile, you can use Workspace Mail (

Step 1: Be Sure You Can Connect to Workspace Mail
Connect to Workspace Mail in your Web browser to make sure you have an account and that your user name and password work. Go to, and log in.

If you cannot log in, double-check that your email account is set up and you have the correct email address and password. For more information, see Setting up Your Email Account in the Email Control Center.

Step 2: Double-Check Your Settings
Ensure that you are using the correct incoming and outgoing servers (host names), email address and password.

Your server names might also be different than our default setup depending on which type of email plan you have and where you purchased it. See Finding Your Email Program’s Settings for more information.

Step 3: Try Different SMTP Ports
Port 80 works most of the time, but sometimes ISPs or network providers block specific ports for security reasons. If port 80 does not work, try some alternate ports.

To Change Your Outlook SMTP Port Settings

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007. From the Tools menu, select Account Settings.
  2. Select the account you want to change and click Change.
  3. Click More Settings and select the Advanced tab.
  4. Next to Use the following type of encrypted connection, select SSL.
  5. Next to Outgoing Server (SMTP), type 465. Click OK and Next.
  6. If this does not work, repeat steps 1-3 and select None for Use the following type of encrypted connection. Try these other ports for Outgoing server (SMTP): 80, 3535 or 25.
  7. Click OK and Next to see if the other ports will work.

Step 4: Contact Customer Support

If your email account still does not work, please contact customer support. We have access to additional tools that may solve the problem.


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