Oops – Facebook Page Insights Have Been Miscalculated

Oops – Facebook Page Insights Have Been Miscalculated

January 12, 2017
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Facebook marketingEarlier this month, Facebook publicly recognized that it had miscalculated the weekly and monthly organic reach in Page Insights. As a result, you may notice new figures that are generated may be substantially different than what had been seen in previous reports. While all publishers have been assured that none of the new numbers have affected paid reach, Facebook has reacted by updating some of its metrics and reporting standards in order to give its partners more precision and assurance about the perceptions it offers.

Changes include developing a Measurement Council that will report the need to integrate measurement standards and business outcomes, an internal review procedure to ensure modern and clear metrics and more third-party confirmation to look over and validate data on views and impressions. Facebook has also conscientiously evaluated and improved the unfortunate mistakes that had led to incorrect information being reported.

Facebook executives maintain that the discrepancy was a problem with calculations and not with Facebook methods. Efforts to correct the issue are ongoing and Facebook will continue to improve the Page organic reach so that it matches paid reach.

While Facebook may seem like an easy-to-use and cost effective marketing tool, it doesn’t work on auto pilot as well as business owners may think. For the best results from your Facebook marketing efforts, partner with an agency that can manage your business page and closely monitor insights to help get the results you are looking for. Contact us today at (888)843-9840 or request a free marketing consultation.


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