Negative Reviews? How To Handle It With Reputation Management

Negative Reviews? How To Handle It With Reputation Management

June 23, 2020
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Negative reviews posted on your website or social media pages are something no one wants to deal with. You would probably rather just let them disappear among all the positive reviews of your company and service. However, that can be detrimental. As part of your online reputation management strategy,  handling negative reviews correctly makes a huge impact. In fact, how you manage them can make or break the next client that sees your response. It is just as important to handle negative remarks as it is to share and respond to positive ones. Here are a few ways you can choose to react when you see a negative comment online.

Respond As Soon As Possible

People are on the internet 24/7. That means your response should come as soon as you can adequately give one. The longer you wait to acknowledge there’s an issue, the worse it looks on your company. You want to have the strategy of minimizing the impact this particular review has on your other clients. The sooner you can handle it, the sooner you reduce the visibility of the review itself.

Always Be Courteous and Professional

As hard as it may be, you cannot respond to an issue personally. It is difficult as strong feelings are expected when someone has negative comments about your service or company. However, you must always remain professional and courteous in your response. Stay away from the blame game or trying to come up with excuses as to why their experience was not the average experience you expect.

Consider Going Offline

Respond to the client as soon as you can and offer to handle the situation in person or offline, such as providing your contact details so you can further discuss the matter. If you come to an agreed resolution, then you can always go back to the post and share the positive outcome of the situation. By taking it offline of the public post, you reduce the impact and have an opportunity to handle it in person.

Encourage Reviews

Always be sure to encourage your clients to share a review of your company and services whenever they can. This helps to build your online reputation and encourages relationship growth.

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