Mastering Digital Display Advertising

Mastering Digital Display Advertising

August 5, 2014
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Display advertising

Display advertising is simply the evolved digital application of traditional marketing placement seen throughout the internet on websites, IM applications, social media pages, and email in the form of images, text, logos, or rich media content.

Instead of posting a display in magazine or on a billboard, the format is on the Internet, which can direct users to your website and the services or products you sell.

Display advertising offers businesses far greater opportunities to advertise as the medium is so affordable in comparison to traditional print advertising. Additionally, Display advertising is highly effective for businesses, as you are able to target the specific market and demographics you would like to reach.

However, in order for display advertising to work to its full potential, there are several general rules which should be followed:

  • Focus on targeting. Know whom the display ad is for ahead of time and display it where those people are on the Internet.
  • Don’t forget content. Even with the best colors, apps, and flash programs, content still matters. If your ad doesn’t have substance, it won’t convey your brand or messaging very well.
  • Get personal. Make your advertisement reach a specific consumer. Going general wastes time and doesn’t produce results.
  • Be dynamic. Text alone won’t win over a consumer. Use a blend of video, audio and text in a tight package.
  • Welcome folks back. Have an ad design that recognizes people for returning and gives them a benefit. Cookie technology makes this easy to do. A small price discount or similar is a quick benefit for a fast repeat sale.
  • Tie into recent events. Advertisements that connect to recent news often sells better than unrelated ads. This is an old practice used by retail sellers seasonally.
  • Cover all the bases. Don’t just park your advertising in one location. Use multiple channels for cross-coverage (websites, search engine ads, social media streams, etc.)

Proper timing with good content is essential and to connect to target consumers effectively. Without advance planning, effort and finances can be wasted.

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