Master the Web with Social Media Marketing

Master the Web with Social Media Marketing

August 19, 2011
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Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an Internet platform that allows businesses to connect with potential clients on a more intimate level than with traditional Internet marketing alone. With social media sites like Facebook, Digg, Twitter and YouTube, taking advantage of the numerous potential contacts can increase relevant traffic to your site and grow your Internet real estate holdings. By creating and implementing the right internet marketing strategy you can dramatically increase your company’s presence on the Internet and the return on investment can be substantial.  When it comes to Social Media, you truly do get what you put into it.  It doesn’t come easy but it can yield very strong results when done right!

How Social Media Marketing Works

The key to SMM is to maintain every account set up including:

  • Blogs – must be updated at least once, preferably twice every week
  • Twitter – must be maintained virtually 24/7 to insure a strong presence
  • YouTube – must upload new videos at least three times a week, preferably daily
  • FaceBook – must be maintained virtually 24/7 to insure a strong presence
  • Other SMM platforms – must be maintained consistently to assure “real estate” holdings

The simple fact of the matter is that SMM requires a great deal of time! But the resulting return on Investment (ROI) is well worth the time (or money) invested into the effort. Effective SMM launch and maintenance can provide a number of benefits to both your real world and virtual business.


Imagine the cost to effectively brand your  real-world product or service through conventional marketing methods. Considering the time and money required to establish yourself in any economic climate, by using a portion of that budget for a properly targeted SMM campaign, your product/service branding efforts can grow exponentially with an Internet audience.

Creative SMM strategies combined with a traditional Internet marketing can increase brand awareness and generate sales. Effective placement strategies and informative posts will reward you as the “industry expert” –increasing relevant traffic to your store and Internet site. As your site’s placement of search results moves closer to the coveted Top 10, even more leads will be generated. With every new lead, your brand recognition grows.

Customer Support

By launching and maintaining “instant” SMM platforms (Twitter, FaceBook, Google Alerts, etc.), you can eliminate negative Internet comments. Monitoring all blog comments, Tweets, and other mentions, you have the ability to crush all negative posts immediately. The goal is to quash any negative comments, satisfy customer concerns or complaints, ultimately resulting in a “reversal of fortune” – a satisfied customer is a happy customer!

The end result of effective, immediate customer support is good “word of eye” – the Internet equivalent of “word of mouth”. Every positive post that is returned within the top search results can drive that much more traffic to your site. Again, the key is time – managing SMM is a full-time job!


After establishing your presence on the SMM platform, your community will become emotionally invested in your business. This emotional investment can generate:

  • more customers
  • more repeat customers
  • more customer referrals
Hire it Done!

As you can see, SMM is essential for any Internet marketing campaign. Chances are you are like many other businesses and find yourself in one or both of the following dilemmas:

  1. You have no idea how to begin an effective SMM campaign
  2. You have no time to manage an effective SMM campaign
If you find yourself in either or both of these common situations, hire it done by Top Marketing Agency! We stand poised to use our industry expertise to launch the most effective Internet campaign for your business. Contact us for a FREE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CONSULTATION today.



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