Making Search Engine Optimization Your New Years Resolution

Making Search Engine Optimization Your New Years Resolution

November 11, 2019
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You’ve heard it mentioned at all of your business conferences and you know it’s important to building your business’ online presence. But all throughout 2019, you’ve struggled to implement search engine optimization (SEO) into your company’s digital content. While you can’t get back lost time in the fast-paced digital marketplace, you can make a commitment to putting SEO front and center in 2020. Top Marketing Agency can help you make that resolution a reality.

So, how should you get started down the path towards full search engine optimization? Well, you should first banish the idea that your company’s online content will ever reach a “perfect” level of optimization. SEO is an ongoing process that requires your digital marketing team to continuously self-evaluate using available data and implement new methods of attracting fresh customers in turn.

With that in mind, you can begin to optimize your company’s digital content for crawling and indexing. In essence, these terms refer to the methods that a search engine (like Google) uses to scour the internet and identify webpages that meet a user’s query. Ideally, your website should be full of quality content that contains both the terms that end users are searching for and the formatting that Google’s crawlers demand a high search result ranking.

That being said, proper SEO is more than just writing low-quality content stuffed with keywords for the sole purpose of siphoning off clicks. Google’s modern algorithms can see through this so-called “thin content” and will penalize your ranking if it believes that your web page’s content is not useful to its users. While there are a bunch of SEO faux pas to avoid, novice SEO users should pay special attention to avoiding duplicating content and allowing your pages to become to image-heavy.

Best Practice SEO

When it comes to obtaining top results with search engine optimization, there’s so much more to learn. Your company can make the most of its SEO ambitions by contacting Top Marketing Agency today and asking about what our team of SEO specialists can do to support your company’s digital marketing efforts going into 2020.  Our best practices SEO services have proven to get our clients to the top of the search engines and we’re confident we can do the same for you!


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