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What were the results for Le Visage Wellness Center & Spa?

We’ve helped Le Visage tremendously with their web presence and the numbers speak for themselves. After implementing some new marketing strategies and expanding what they were doing with us, Le Visage Wellness experienced significant improvements in their website traffic, social media engagement, and overall lead conversions. With an 800% increase in total actions on their social media pages, and a 800%+ increase in social media engagement, their Social Media Marketing (Facebook & Instagram) campaign posts are reaching 5,000 more users in a short amount of time. This has increased their total social media leads by 500%+, with total leads company-wide up 267%. With our full-service digital marketing (including responsive web design, social media marketing, display advertising, SEO & call tracking services), Le Visage Wellness is now receiving over 500 website views each month, resulting in a combined 120+ leads from multiple sources (Search Marketing, Social Media, Display Ads, etc.), and they’re now averaging over 78 phone call lead inquiries per month. 

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How Did We Accomplish This?

Results like these don’t just happen. So how did we do it?

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    Re-envisioned Messaging

    We use a variation of social media strategies on multiple platforms to send out Ads and reach a larger audience

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    Complete Re-branded

    We implemented call to action specials and engaging marketing strategies to better engage the audience and convert their visits and impressions to tangible leads and phone calls, ultimately resulting in 100’s of new leads and tremendous growth for their wellness center and spa.

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    Lead Generation Focused Website

    We created a professional & state of the art responsive website design that represents the company and is optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop users

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    Added SEO and Inbound Marketing

    We implemented today’s best SEO strategies, to best cover the 200+ SEO factors in order to beat out competition on search result pages, driving in thousands of prospects and future customers to their site.

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Let’s Take a Look at the Site

When you look at the site we created, you can see that there is a place and purpose for all the different elements of the site. The color scheme of the site matches up with the color scheme of the health and beauty company. This is to help brand the company from the first time a customer sees the site. With easy to access drop-down menus, visitors can easily navigate this site and find the content they need quickly and easily. Simple to use contact form turns this website into a great lead generation tool. This contact form is most likely a big reason why conversion rates were so drastically changed. There are also many testimonials and five-star reviews that potential customers can read to get a better feel for the company.
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  • +800%

    Social Media Engagement

  • +323%

    Website Traffic

  • 267%

    More Leads

  • -20.17%

    Bounce Rate

  • +105


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