Issues with Bing Search Traffic

Issues with Bing Search Traffic

August 5, 2015
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Marketing professionals as well as webmasters have lately noticed an unexpected and undesirable decline in Bing search traffic. However, Bing referral traffic is rising, leading to confusion about the source of the issue. Since the popularity of Bing as a search engine is growing (currently at 20% of the market), and is actually the default for Siri, it pays to notice and learn more about this new development.

Issues with Bing Search Traffi

The likely culprit is the recent move by Bing to utilize encryption, leaving the search engine on a more equal footing with Google, who has been using encryption methodologies for several years. While encryption is definitely a plus toward greater privacy for users, it makes things more difficult for marketers trying to take advantage of search engine optimization techniques.

Luckily, though, there are options for marketers. Information concerning keywords and rankings is available through use of the Bing advertiser tool without causing a problem with security. Microsoft is ensuring everyone that referrer strings will allow webmasters to know the source of their visitors, Bing, but not specific query terms.

Additional tactics that may be employed by marketing agents to be able to effectively optimize websites in spite of Bing encryption include:

  • Search query terms report.
  • Bing webmaster tools.
  • Universal event tracking.

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