Introducing Google Hummingbird

October 3, 2013
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Hummingbird Name Newest Google Algorithm

Google has done it yet again! They have introduced a new and improved algorithm for search. They introduced “Hummingbird”. Google says that by using the Hummingbird, you will not only come up with a more direct route for the information that you are looking for, but it will be at a much faster rate than if you were to use any other technique available.


What Makes Hummingbird the Best for Users?

Page Rank used to be the only way to find out how reliable a page or the information is. However with Google’s Hummingbird, this new algorithm works together with Page Rank to not only help you find the information that you are looking for, but also made the search more precise and a lot faster.

For those that want to know if the Hummingbird is going to affect your web traffic; if you have not seen any loss of web traffic by now, it’s more than likely that you are not going to be affected, as Hummingbird has been working with Google for a month now.

Why the New System?

Everyone knows that with the constant changes to technology, and the ever expanding fountain of available information, the way that we search on the internet will have to evolve as well. By changing the outdated algorithms it used to use for search while retaining what still works well (Page Rank), Google presents the Hummingbird—it not only makes looking for information so much easier but targets the information you are searching for with more precision. Most people do not realize that the last time that there was such a big change like this was back in 2010 when Google had what they called the “Caffeine Update”. Back then, that change was meant to gather more current, updated information for all of the users on the internet.

What About Penguin and Panda?

So there are going to be some people that wonder what is going to happen to the other updates that are out there like Penguin and Panda. Don’t worry, they are not going anyway. Hummingbird will actually work with them as well. All that Hummingbird is really meant to do is, instead of having a few key words to base your search upon, it will actually look up the whole phrase that you have typed into the search bar. So if you are looking for “Home Remedies for a Sore Throat,” it is going to look up the actual home remedies for a sore throat and nothing else. It’s a nice change for many. So say goodbye to the chaos, and say hello to the new Hummingbird.

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