Increase Search Engine Traffic with Top Marketing Agency

Increase Search Engine Traffic with Top Marketing Agency

October 6, 2011
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As proven by the 2005 study of Internet user’s eye tracking with regard to Google search results, it’s all about location, location, location. The goal of any Internet marketing campaign is to increase your presence – real estate holdings – on the web. Top Marketing Agency Search Engine Optimization Experts can help increase your ranking in search results and keep you there!

What is Internet Real Estate?

A user’s ability to find your business on the Internet is determined by your presence on the web. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve the #1 spot on a user’s search. SEO experts at Top Marketing Agency design your site’s content to maximize the chances of increasing your ranking in search results. It has been proven time and again that although Pay Per Click Management advertising is an important component of a complete Internet Marketing Campaign, organic search results are the key to increasing your presence, or real estate, on the web. The easier your site is to find, the more relevant the information provided, the better your  “holdings.”

What is Google’s Golden Triangle?

In 2005, an eye tracking study was performed to determine Internet user’s visual patterns when perusing search results. The study found, not surprisingly, that the upper left corner of the organic search results received the majority of visual activity.

As indicated by the image, the user’s eye follows an “F” pattern. Beginning in the upper left corner of the organic results, scanning vertically down the list and decreasing horizontal scanning as the eye moves further down the search results. 100% of users tracked the triangle formed “above the fold”. Top Marketing Agency SEO experts have developed methods to help your site move up the search results and into the “Golden Triangle.”

As expected, when including PPC in your campaign, the click through for ads posted above organic results is higher than for ads posted beside the organic results. The study showed that 80% to 100% of users viewed the top paid spots as opposed to 10% to 50% viewing side listed ads. Again, Top Marketing Agency has the expertise to assure that your Return on Investment (ROI) is maximized with optimum placement of PPC ads and optimal ranking in organic search listing.

The Specifics

As you can see, the top three search returns receive a 100% of users at least looking at the result. Note how the rate of views drops in steps below ranking number three. Many Internet users never proceed beyond the top four search results. Although the bottom results (5 – 10) are more consistent, the views are much lower.

What Top Marketing Agency Can Do for You!

Because the experts at Top Marketing Agency thoroughly understand how and why “searchers” choose to click or not to click, they can formulate an Internet campaign to increase user awareness of your site. Knowing how a user is enticed to visit a particular site is what our expertise brings to the table! Call Top Marketing today for a detailed analysis of your current Internet activity and proposed campaigns to keep you ahead of your competition.




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