How to Improve Your Website to Boost Sales

How to Improve Your Website to Boost Sales

How to Improve Your Website to Boost SaleseCommerce grows exponentially each year. Is your company expanding at a similar speed? Whether your sales are simply adequate or are less than you would like, you probably want to increase revenue more quickly. You can learn how to improve your website to boost sales by improving how it looks and how it is used, along with the other marketing strategies you already utilize. Poor web design is a business-killler.

Here are six ways you can grow your eCommerce business with powerful, intelligent design choices:

  1. Your landing page has power. If you are committed to growth, your landing pages must be sharply focused and designed for converting a browser into a customer. A landing page is uniquely allocated to one offer or product. It may even be wise to develop different landing pages for specific audiences. Ease-of-use for the customer includes no distractions and a visible call-to-action to complete the sale.
  2. Load speeds on your website must be optimized. Visitors who experience slow speeds and unskilled design will not stay on your site. In fact, according to Stanford research, 75% of internet users judge your credibility on the appearance of your site. Per another study, when your site hits four seconds of load time, you have already lost 25% of prospective viewers. If your website utilizes photos and graphics that are data-intensive, they take longer to load. The key is not to eliminate this media but to design them wisely for faster load speeds and top impact.

Since most eCommerce stores utilize a lot of photos, it’s essential to maintain high-quality images while minimizing file sizes as much as you can. Discriminating use of white space, text, and color are all valuable. Adding a few brand-specific graphics will lead to a site that is effortless to navigate.

  1. Boost sales by recovering discarded shopping carts. Abandoned shopping carts are all too familiar. The reasons are varied but include shipping price surprise, saving the cart for a later date, and a complex check-out system. Review your shopping cart design by considering the number of steps, check-out speed, slow loads, and complicated processes.

Getting your check-out procedure reviewed can help you track problems and fix them quickly. Customers want to purchase items easily, without having to complete a lot of steps. Simpler really is better.


  1. Email promotions and remarketing ads can target current customers. Acquiring new customers is more challenging than selling to existing customers. Focus some marketing strategies toward repeat sales. Since current customers have bought from you before, they are more likely to buy from you again. Advertising that is visually appealing and highlights your brand will keep your company foremost in customers’ eyes. Add a special offer and customers will take advantage of it.

Email campaigns also work well for consumers who utilize their smartphones to make purchases online. An email template that is well-designed will attract attention.

  1. Build customer confidence with social proof. Be sure your website includes a section for customer reviews and testimonials so that potential customers can view the positive experiences others have had with your company. Affidavits and reviews sections require special design consideration, including a readily visible location, a text font that is simple to read, and photos of happy customers.

Having a section called “best-sellers” is also a valid move. New customers will appreciate recommendations about specific products and which ones are most popular.

  1. Mobile accessibility is crucial for eCommerce success. Laptop and desktop use are on the decline. People make more buying decisions from smartphones and other mobile devices, so it is vital that your site is not only optimized for smaller screens but also is intuitive and straightforward to navigate.

It’s crucial not to skimp on your website design. Talk with one of the knowledgeable web designers at Top Marketing Agency at (888) 843-9840 to learn how to improve your site to boost sales.


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