How Remarketing Can Boost Your Business

April 28, 2017
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How Remarketing Can Boost Your Business
Are you taking advantage of the tremendous benefits of remarketing within your PPC strategy? If you’re not, you are missing out. Remarketing is when you show ads for your services to people who have visited your website, without necessarily buying anything or engaging with your website during their visit to your site. You can continue to show them relevant ads across their devices after they have made a visit to your site.

Here are 10 reasons you should reconsider and utilize the power of remarketing.

  1. Remarketing conversion rates actually rise over time. With more exposure to your ads, viewers are twice as likely to become paying customers.
  2. Ad fatigue is simply untrue. If someone is creeped out by your ads, he will not click on them. To ensure even more conversions, rotate between several different display ads to encourage continued interest.
  3. While it is certainly important to diversify, remarketing campaigns on Google Display Network and Facebook offer the largest reach.
  4. Build your brand with display remarketing that takes advantage of creative expression. You will see an increase in repeat visitors and longer times on site, as well as higher conversion rates.
  5. With new formats for your ads, consumers are easily able to access your site at any point in the CRO process.
  6. Facebook and GDN have quality scores. Remarketing ads that are image-heavy with less text convert better and cost less.
  7. While search ads continue to have the highest conversion rates, display ads are gaining in strength and popularity.
  8. Competition drives the price up for keywords in search ads. On the other hand, social and display remarketing ad clicks are considerably less expensive.
  9. Remarketing lists for search ads or RLSA emphasize a combination of strategic search queries with user context to have 50% lower CPCs, 2 times greater CTRs and twice the conversion rates of traditional search operations.
  10. Apply “super remarketing” to screen your remarketing cookie collection based on social media target options and the latest buying history. Facebook and Twitter support super remarketing but Google is likely not far behind.

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