How Facebooks Algorithm Works

How Facebooks Algorithm Works

May 22, 2013
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Facebook is forever changing.  By engaging consumers on Facebook, business owners will see their reach increase on their Facebook page with the Facebook algorithm EdgeRank. EdgeRank determines which stories will or will not be visible in the newsfeed section of individual users. The newsfeed displays the most recent updates amongst Facebook friends and fan pages. The activity that is taken by a Facebook friend has potential for being a story within the newsfeed section. These activities are called Edges by Facebook. Edges are generated by friends when they perform any Facebook activity.

Since most users perform numerous activities during each visit to their account, the number of potential newsfeed stories could be overwhelming. In order to determine the most interesting stories to be displayed, Facebook developed an algorithm called EdgeRank. As the term states, this algorithm ranks the potential edges by possible interest levels. Only the top ranking stories are displayed on each user’s newsfeed. The Facebook EdgeRank algorithm is divided into three sections: the Affinity score, the Edge weight, and the time decay.

The Affinity score assesses a combination of the strength of a connection between a particular user and the Edge that has occurred, the relativity between a user and his or her Facebook friend, and the time at which the activity happened. The Affinity score evaluates you activities, those of your Facebook friends, and those of the friends of your friends.

The Edge weight compares activities and gives each Edge a weight based on their importance. Typically, comments are given a greater value than a click on a like button, and therefore, are more likely to be displayed on a newsfeed section. Photographs and video imports are usually higher weighted than the inclusion of links to other webpages. Higher weights are also given to the most recent Facebook features introduced to users.

Time decay refers to the age of newsfeed story. This measurement depends on the length of time between the last and the most recent logged-in sessions and the frequency of account viewing,

While it is not possible to see your EdgeRank score, you can determine its effects by viewing the users you have received your information. The EdgeRank score is constantly changing and it is impossible to see it unless you are a Facebook technician. Contact Top Marketing Agency for more information on Social Media Marketing or any of our online services at 888-843-9840 or online by clicking here.


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