How Can Negative Reviews Affect Your Business – Ask Top Marketing Agency

How Can Negative Reviews Affect Your Business – Ask Top Marketing Agency

September 8, 2011
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As reported in Marketing Daily, consumers are more likely to read what an established blogger writes about a product in various news media. Based on extensive market research of 1,000 consumers (your customers), 87% are influenced by positive reviews from the internet.

According to Cone Inc.’s research on their 2011 Online Influence Trend Tracker, the number of consumers who have “changed their mind about a purchase after reading a thumbs down report,” has increased from 13% to 80% in just one year. This means at least 800 consumers, poised to make a purchase, opted against it after just one negative post. Top Marketing Agency has perfected the technique of pushing negative comments down the results ranking of an internet search.

According to Mike Hollywood of Cone:

“Consumers do have the ability to sniff out who might have an ulterior motive. They are definitely giving more credence to trustworthy sources, often valuing the opinion of bloggers or reviewers more than mainstream media.”

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