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To reward sites with high quality, Google released the Penguin update on April 24, 2012. This algorithm change targets black hat web spamming and reduces the number of websites that employ black hat SEO practices while it raises the rankings and visibility of websites that post content with high quality and relevant content.

Sites can benefit from a better reputation with Google from search engine optimization or SEO techniques that are used properly. The Penguin algorithm change includes:

  • Link schemes
  • Spun articles
  • Content which has been over-optimized
  • Keyword stuffing

Panda, Penguin’s predecessor, only affected about 12% of queries. Penguin, on the other hand, will only affect 3% but this percentage is made up of queries that are highly spammed with keywords. There is an easy way to find out if your website is one of the affected pages. You can check your account with Google Analytics. If there has been a drop on your page’s traffic since April 25, 2012, chances are that you’ve been hit.

You should also review the SEO strategies you have been using. Have you used black hat strategies? How about your vendor? Even before the algorithm changes by Google, they advocated white hat strategies for SEO. These friendly strategies include organic or natural link building within posts or high quality content, pitches and public relations, as well as websites designed with the users in mind.

If you use bots or other black hat techniques, Penguin updates will find you and your website will suffer. This is why evaluating and improving your website with ethical SEO practices is a must if you want to maintain your visibility as well as rankings and good reputation with the leading search engine used by most of your target audience.

What We Can Do to Help You Keep Up with the Changes

It takes a lot of work, effort and expertise to successfully repair damages caused previously by black hat SEO practices. However, it is possible if you know whom to trust and avoid further trouble or penalties and be put in the last pages of search results. Top Marketing Agency is a leader when it comes to internet marketing and SEO services. We provide quality online services for your business and strategies that work!


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