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We’ve heard it all before about this “viral” thing on the web—it’s the mechanism of something spreading really fast in the online world. It has positive and negative effects, but if we have a business, we would focus more on the good side of things that we can get from it. The internet has the power of numbers that we want to harness—we want to go viral and gain attention for our business.

What does it really take to get the attention of the masses these days? Is there a secret formula? What lessons can we take from the things that have been viral and have benefited businesses? These questions might be too hard to crack for many of us, and this is the reason why we turn to SEO agencies for help. Yes, they might know the secrets of viral marketing, and it would be a good thing to make sure that we study about it, too.

Based on what a lot of successful SEO agencies are doing, things will easily go viral if it can be shared easily. Oh, don’t forget the fact that it should be something that will get the viewers attention. Here’s a few good examples of effective techniques for viral marketing:

  • Use interesting videos: We would make use of videos that are related to your business niche and would upload these for easy access. Simple and short video clips work great. A minute-long video loads up easily and can be streamed with great ease. A catchy title would also make the video more attractive to viewers.
  • Harnessing the power of social media sites: If you are watching the popular TV show called “Deadliest Catch”, you’ll easily see the most basic tactic of fishermen featured there. They go where the crabs are. In viral marketing, the same principle applies. You have to funnel your marketing efforts in places where vast numbers of your target audience go frequently. Today, these places would be the social media sites—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tagged, and many others have the power to make your ads or marketing materials go viral.
  • Write and distribute articles: Even if there are many SEO tactics and strategies being conceptualized and used these days, the use of articles still remains one of the most solid ways to get the attention of people. We cannot deny the fact that people browse the web for information. As long as they can find the info that they want in your articles, you will always have clicks. Readers can share these articles, too, so keep them updated, relevant to the needs of the readers, and interesting.
  • Use of sharing buttons: If people find your material interesting, there should be a sharing tool nearby that they can use immediately—a tweet button or a Facebook sharing widget. When a visitor finds something interesting, there is a strong urge to let other people know it. Give them the tools to share and they will do it.

Viral marketing is not really a complicated thing to do. As long as you or your hired SEO agency understands what the client market wants, the ways of effective marketing are easy. Are you ready to go viral?


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