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Top Marketing Agency has literally dozens of successful strategies that businesses can take advantage of to reach potential customers via the worldwide web. One such beneficial methodology that has received extra attention over the past few years is GEO-SEO or geographical search engine optimization. This specialized marketing technique is an excellent option for businesses such as entertainment sites, trade professions like electricians and plumbers, specialists in medicine or law, restaurants and retail establishments, as well as other industries. Strategic use of Geographical Local SEO draws more local commerce almost right to your door, even if you have operations in a number of separate locations.

Many business owners and marketers know the power of first page placement on Google, where first page organic (non-paid) Google results get an astonishing 72% of all search traffic.  As you can see above, geographical SEO employs varied yet precise geocentric keywords for your specific kind of business that emphasizes the services or products that you offer to defined geographic sites, based specifically on your computers IP Address (physical location).  This SEO method ensures that local customers looking for your product and/or service will find your business when they are searching within your geo-targeted area.
To effectually integrate GEO-SEO into your marketing plan, you must have involvement and direction from professionals who have experience in this fast-moving technological advancement. Top Marketing Agency employs specialists in the field who are experts in the shrewd use of geocentrically directed keywords. We are also adept at additional marketing maneuvers to bring more attention to your company on the web and in person.

  • Your designated personal consultant from Top Marketing Agency will consider your concerns, analytically evaluate your site’s requirements and generate hundreds of relevant keywords that indicate targeted locations and include critical contact information, register your website with Google Maps and add internal links to other companies, all with the goals of drawing your business to the first page of search engine results.

The Power of First Page Placement

Statistics show that landing on the first page of search engine results is critical since few people ever search beyond the first page. Not only will your business land on the first page, but it will climb to the top of the rankings, virtually ensuring that you receive more clicks than competitors also displayed there. We have worked with hundreds of companies to carry their websites to the top of SERPA, each with several listings on the front page to make certain that they are given as much exposure as possible.

  • Our satisfied clients averaged a 300% increase in traffic after we incorporated these practices. More leads equal more profit.

Results that Make a Difference

Top Marketing Agency has successfully helped a myriad of local businesses Nationwide in order to accomplish first page placement.

Call Top Marketing Agency today at (888) 843-9840 to connect with one of our seasoned professionals to discuss your particular goals for your website and bringing the appropriate consumers who are interested in your type of business. With our Geographical Local SEO, we guarantee your satisfaction with the improvements we bring to your website to effectively influence the local search area and bring more income and exposure to your company.


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