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  • Mobile and Tablet Responsive
  • Custom Mobile Menus & Features
  • SEO, Social & Paid Advertising
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Inventory & Vehicle Display
  • Web Updates & Maintenance
  • And More

What were the actual Results

When you look at the redesign of this auto dealership’s website, you can see that it is a fresh new look. While this may be a great thing to understand, you must look at the results that were actually achieved. There has been a 281% increase in web traffic. This is largely due in part to our implementation of Search engine optimization. Keywords and quality content have helped this auto dealer gain nearly three times as many visitors on their site. This has in part greatly contributed to the 3,826% increase in leads and conversions. This incredible new amount of leads and conversions has helped Expert Auto see clearly into the future. This fast expansion of clients due to our digital marketing help has allowed this auto dealership to position themselves aggressively for the future.

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Our Goal

When you take a look at the site, you can see why there has been such an increase in leads and conversions. The smooth layout of the site makes it easy for visitors to find just what they are looking for. The slider on the homepage allows visitors to quickly and easily see important information that will help them find a car they are looking for. The easy to use drop-down menus also allow visitors to search inventory, learn about financing, see information about warranties and contact this auto dealer.

How Did We Accomplish This?

Added SEO and Inbound marketing

We updated the entire online experience to focus on meeting the needs of our target audience.

Lead Generation Focused Website

We updated the entire online experience to focus on meeting the needs of our target audience.

Complete Re-branded

From the logo to the marketing strategy and events, we updated everything to use the new messaging.

Re-envisioned Messageing

We developed a new sales message that better resonated with our patients.

Let’s Take a Look at the Site

When you look at the site we created, you can see that there is a place and purpose for all the different elements of the site. The color scheme of the site matches up with the color scheme of the plumbing company. This is to help brand the company from the first time a customer sees the site. With easy to access drop-down menus, visitors can easily navigate this site and find the content they need quickly and easily. A simple to use contact form turns this website into a great lead generation tool. This contact form is most likely a big reason why conversion rates were so drastically changed. There are also many testimonials and five-star reviews that potential customers can read to get a better feel for the company.
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  • +750%

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  • +590%


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