Email Marketing and SEO: How They Work Together

Email Marketing and SEO: How They Work Together

November 19, 2015
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Two of the best tools in marketing today, SEO and email marketing, are not usually spoken in the same sentence. However, a smart marketer realizes that these two can work together, and are not mutually exclusive. One of the best things to do, is to come up with keyword that define your business. Obviously, these keywords are going to be used in any type of SEO-driven content that you put out there on the Web, but they can easily integrate in email as well. Don’t think of them simply as search engine terms – think of them as buying keywords. What do people type into the search engine when they are ready to buy? Use those same keywords within the subject lines and bodies of your emails, to spark interest. Remember, true SEO will also have the location where your target audience is, so don’t forget to include that as part of your keywords.

Email Marketing and SEO: How They Work Together

As any good SEO strategist will tell you, secondary keywords within SEO content are a must. They are not always the first terms a searcher types into an engine, but they are so closely related that they must be included in the body of the context. Try these related terms with your email as well. While they may not spark the interest of most, they will spark the interest of some, which can directly – and positively – affect your revenue.

Make sure to also develop relevant blog topics and other resources. Once you’ve attained someone’s interest, now it’s time to hold it. This is a great marketing tool to keep someone as a customer, not just to acquire them.

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