Effective Search Engine Optimization Strategies for 2018

Effective Search Engine Optimization Strategies for 2018

June 7, 2018
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Search Engine Optimization

Taking a risk in virtually any type situation can be scary, but sometimes it is necessary to grow and learn from it. This applies, as well, to your marketing strategy. While you may have some “tried and true” techniques that work well to advertise your business, you may never know how much more your business can expand when you explore additional options like ground-breaking search engine optimization practices. With over 200+ SEO factors, are you effectively taking advantage of these worthwhile strategies?

  • Voice search optimization. Use of long-tail keywords that are full sentences answer the voice search questions best.
  • Long-tail keywords. Although long-tail keywords do not generate as much traffic as shorter keywords, they usually have better conversion rates. This is because there is not as much competition for these keywords and they are more specific. Keyword research can uncover valuable information about keyword performance.
  • Responsive web design. Optimizing the user experience on all size devices can only work to your advantage. More and more searches are completed on mobile devices, so it is important to ensure that navigation and readability on these smaller screens is simple and engaging.
  • Position 0. Gaining the coveted position 0 spot on Google can be accomplished by addressing viewer questions, using schema markup and making your URL shorter.
  • Video content. YouTube popularity speaks for itself, so having SEO-friendly videos embedded into your site can increase viewership.

Utilizing strong search engine optimization techniques will elevate your Google rankings, draw more customers to you and create more brand awareness. Contact Top Marketing Agency at (888) 843-9840 to schedule a consultation to learn how we can address your SEO strategies and develop a solid plan to increase your online success.


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