Effective PPC Marketing in Lynnwood

Effective PPC Marketing in Lynnwood

April 10, 2014
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Many businesses in Lynnwood and the greater Seattle area are utilizing PPC Marketing also known as pay-per-click to ensure that users find their site, and consequently their products and services.

PPC Marketing in LynwoodThe concept is straightforward. For example, if a cheese producer entered into a pay-per-click agreement with a search engine (for example Google), when someone uses the search engine and types in, say, ‘cheese’ as the results are displayed the cheese producer will have their listing shown in a highly prominent position on the first page. The result may be further differentiated from the other results by having a different colored background, or it could be flagged up as a sponsored link. This makes it very easy for the person who is using the search engine to see the cheese producer’s listing. If they then click on the listing they will be taken to the website. At this point the cheese producer will be charged by the search engine for the visitor coming to their site.

Pay-per-click can work well to help a new business to rapidly establish its online presence. Businesses considering pay- per-click should remember that the visitors who are clicking through from a search engine will have a high expectation of the site, as they will have searched for a specific product. If details of that product or service are not immediately visible on your site, the visitor will be inclined to quickly leave and go on to the next search offering.

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