Don’t Quarantine Your Marketing Efforts Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak

Don’t Quarantine Your Marketing Efforts Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak

There is no doubt that right now are uncertain times. It is essential when people are scared and frightened that leaders and businesses react in the right way, proactively preparing for the future. Reacting in a positive is how you stand apart from the rest.

As social distancing takes precedence, millions of people are in self-isolation or quarantined. Yet, it doesn’t mean we are cut off from the world. With technology, people can carry on in areas of their life and work with ease. The internet also presents new opportunities for businesses to engage within their desired demographic as well as with their regular customers.

For many, the question now becomes how do I survive? What can I do creatively to help my business continue to thrive in a time of crisis? Some people think the coronavirus will be gone as warm weather arrives, while others think this is our new normal. Whatever the case may be, now is the time to prepare and make a change to impact your business.

I would like to share a few forward-thinking and real-time strategies that you can use to better face the pandemic. Recognizing the impact of the coronavirus on marketing as well as learning how to not quarantine your marketing during this time is crucial. Read on to see what you can do to thrive in the quarantined world.

How the Coronavirus is Impacting Marketing

Right now, medical officials are telling people to avoid meeting in groups of 10 or more. Because of this, working from home has become the new normal. Streets are empty as people are staying home, trying to avoid catching the virus. For companies, their primary marketing investments are done via signage, magazines, and billboards. Traffic flows and these marketing tactics always work well. Except for right now.

It is expected that advertising spending on television and radio will increase while some companies will hold on to their case to brace for the economic impact. The idea now is to figure out how your business can keep going when the majority of contact is via the internet.

What About Search Marketers?

During this time, search marketers can thrive, but work must be done. Search behavior varies industry to industry and right now the top search terms are coronavirus. Even toilet paper has taken over a bit due to the shortage in the US.

For search marketing, some industries will require a greater need for SEO and PPC. With the right search terms and guidance, a company can push through the economic struggle as those who are using the internet will find and use their business or service.

Don’t Quarantine Your Marketing During the Pandemic

Right now, it is suggested that businesses do not hoard the search marketing budget. How you treat your marketing efforts now can mean the difference between staying afloat and having to shut down. it is a good idea in this current business climate to reallocate your existing marketing budget to different areas, such as digital channels.

10 To-Do’s for Marketing Right Now

  1. Learn the Search Trends: Be aware of what is being searched for currently. As a retailer, you can quickly boost your business by learning more about what people are searching for. If you have the products, then you can boost your business by marketing these items.
  2. Create Relevant Content. Think about what your consumers need right now. Give insight into the current situation via content and show how your business or product can help. Staying relevant and informative gives you a firm footing to stand on.
  3. Amp up Digital Content Efforts. Get online, like now! Think about how your business can operate online. Do you offer training or consulting services in-person? If so, start offering these services online. Create webinars or short videos to show what you can offer clients and how it is useful in the current climate.
  4. Shift to Online. If you are a retailer, consider how you can shift your services online. Can you ship orders to customers? Can you provide a virtual shopping experience instead of in-person?
  5. Content Optimization. If you are creating content about the current situation, such as tackling the coronavirus, use optimization to ensure that your content is found via Google and other search outlets.
  6. Search Marketing for Branding. With search engine marketing, you can efficiently work on your branding. Ads found online can bring readers to landing pages which provide vital information about your company.
  7. Build Your Reputation. Trust is essential for your business. Use search marketing services to build your reputation online. With a robust online background, your business will have a solid reputation online which will help once everything gets back to normal.
  8. Beat the Competition. If you can get a leg up on search marketing campaigns while your competition is doing nothing, you have the upper hand. Focus on learning what you can do to build your brand via search marketing optimization.
  9. Long-term Strategy with SEO. Try hard to continue to have an SEO budget. While the world is shutting down, the algorithms of Google are not. This slower period is a great time to focus on SEO to help put your company in the right position.
  10. Don’t go Cheap. When it comes to SEO, don’t by cheaper programs to save money. It is better to invest in a quality option so that you have the best long-term strategy for your company.

When it comes to your marketing needs, don’t let the current state of affairs cause you to stop promoting your business. At Top Marketing Agency, we can help you stay on top of your game and get noticed, even though the coronavirus is at center stage. Give us a call today at (888) 843-9840 to learn more or to schedule a free consultation.

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