Dominate the Car Market with Top Marketing Agency on Your Team

Dominate the Car Market with Top Marketing Agency on Your Team

October 1, 2011
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According to research, nearly 80% of all car purchases begin with Internet research. As with any purchase, large or small, a positive experience can define a potential customer’s decision as to where to purchase a vehicle. The experts at Top Marketing Agency can help you provide a positive experience for any visitor to your site. By providing informative content and accurate inventory and pricing information, you can establish a good rapport with your customer before the first handshake.

General Car Buying Statistics

The following statistics represent car buying and research behaviors in 2006. The two most important factors to the general auto shopper, male and female, are:

  1. Availability
  2. Price
It is clear, therefore, that your site must maintain an up-to-date inventory and price guide for your potential customers. Considering that 80% of all car sales begin with using an Internet search engine to learn about their potential purchase, being at the top of the search results is imperative! Equally important is that your reputation remain unsullied by negative Internet chatter. Top Marketing Agency has a Reputation Management Team that can maintain and substantially improve your firm’s Internet reputation with programs designed specifically for this purpose.

Furthermore, the study indicated that 80% of those customers used Google to conduct their online search. Do the Math:

80% of 80% = 64% of car buyers begin their search on Google!

Our Search Engine specialists keep current with the algorithms of every search engine. This guarantees that your company, partnered with Top Marketing Agency, will stay ahead of the competition with regard to your rank in search results.

Most research for automotive purchases begins about 90 days prior to purchase on the manufacturer’s site. Once the customer has determined which manufacture to purchase, they move to a third party website. That would be you! The key is to provide relevant content via blog posts and with an effectively managed Social Media Marketing Campaign. Not so simple as it sounds, by teaming up with Top Marketing Agency, all your Internet needs are managed by the experts!

The Woman Really Wears the Pants!

Okay, more specifically, 60% of all new vehicles were purchased by women in 2006! Additionally, over 85% of all automotive sales are influenced by women. This is a critical factor when designing your Internet campaigns. By focusing your content and blog posts on information that the core of your audience is interested in reading, your Internet presence will increase. Women prefer to read:

  • Safety Concerns 
  • How-To Articles
  • Buying Basics Articles
  • Informative Articles about Leasing
  • Maintenance & Repair Articles
The most important factor when deciding on a vehicle purchase, for women, is safety concerns. Followed by dependability and functionality. Articles about performance are of little interest to women. Considering nearly 70% of women conduct their research online as compared to less than 30% relying on car magazines, it would follow that an Internet campaign geared to women would increase site traffic and sales. Search Engine Optimization is key when trying to attract a specific demographic, and Top Marketing Agency specializes in a broad based Internet campaign including SEO.

Since female buyers generally compare at least three dealerships before making a purchase, it is essential that your company top the search results. Specifically, women consider both pricing and treatment when deciding which dealer gets their business. If you have established an online relationship with this customer, chances are the trust level will be evident. By partnering with Top Marketing Agency, being certain that your reputation is exceptional and your Internet presence dominates your competitors, that trust will be established. By making your site the automotive authority, female buyers will turn to your content for information. We can help establish you as local the authority with Local SEO content.



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Top Marketing Agency is great! They make running an SEO and Social Media Marketing Campaign easy and stress-free. I always find them happy to help and fast to action any requests or changes required. I would highly recommend their service.

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