Developing a Strong Brand Identity for Small Businesses

Developing a Strong Brand Identity for Small Businesses

November 5, 2014
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marketing agencyIf the name GoPro is mentioned, chances are you think of the durable cameras used on all types of adventures. Why? Because GoPro has done an exceptional job of defining their brand and establishing a true and defined brand identity. Such a strong product line personality does not occur by mistake, and this was achieved with the assistance of a professional marketing agency and clear blue print combined with marketing efforts throughout the marketplace and consistent online visibility.

The brand identity that a business has, is a representation of the reputation it has achieved through the expression of its passions, strengths, purpose, values and attributes. A great brand is easily recognized due to the fact that they have developed a clear mission, which has fosters loyalty from customers, which is something all businesses desire.

In order to begin developing a brand, a business needs to assess where they currently sit in reference to their market. Determine the strengths of the brand, the weaknesses, and all opportunities. Any true lifestyle brand will speak directly to its customers and represent the targeted market professionally and effectively.

Brand identity is not something that occurs overnight or by mistake, but rather is a long term and a specifically targeted effort encompassing many factors and target markets including online marketing and social media strategies.

Once this information is gathered, there are five steps to successfully creating a strong brand identity :

Create a vision statement. This will explain what the desire for a business is in the future.

Create a mission statement. This will define the purpose of a business, simply and in a straightforward manner.

Determine the brand’s essence. This refers to the intangible emotions that a brand wants their customers to feel when experiencing the brand.

Discover the personality of the brand. Apply human characteristics to a brand – is it fun, serious, silly?

Determine the value proposition. This is a two sentence statement that will articulate the way that this brand is different and what it has to offer customers.

Consistency is key. All marketing efforts online or otherwise, must be cohesive and represent the brand the exact same way each time. Even assets such as a company logo must be used consistently in order to build and develop customer recognition and trust.

It is essential to develop and share content that is relevant to your business goals and market in order to become the leader or a contender in any given market segment, and a trusted resource for customers to reference.

An online marketing agency can help businesses determine each of these factors regarding their brand, and establish a brand through a targeted and strong online web presence. For more information about brand identity and online marketing, contact Top Marketing Agency at (888)843-9840 today.


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