SEO In 2018

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is likely the most powerful tool in your bag, and 2018 should be all about optimizing it. A whopping 93% of web users start with a search engine, so make sure you are paying attention to how well your SEO is performing in the new year. 1. …

Top Website Design Trends for 2018

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Website design is always changing, and we have seen trends coming and going just as in any other creative work. With a strong focus on user experience and interaction, 2018 is sure to push the envelop in terms of web design. Let’s check out what’s predicted for web design in …
Some of you may have experienced first-hand just how damaging a negative online review can be, and negative reviews left by unhappy ex-employees certainly can deliver a harsh blow to a company’s online reputation. When there can already be an assault on a company by fake reviews and competitors leaving …

7 Strategies for Effective Social Marketing

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Effective marketing is a winning combination of numerous tactics that work together to create awareness of your brand and your company to a select market. In addition to many other applicable techniques, you should utilize social marketing to spread knowledge about your business and take advantage of its tremendous influence …

Holiday Hours

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Valued clients, Our office hours may vary during the holidays. For prompt service and emergencies, please contact us at (425)905-2440 or email us here. Thank you, Your Top Marketing Agency team Holiday Hours was last modified: December 26th, 2017 by Katie

Why You Need PPC Marketing

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Pay-per-click or PPC marketing has several advantages for online business promotion. Since you only pay for your ads when someone clicks on them, it is highly cost-effective and offers numerous positive results. PPC effectively: Reaches out to viewers who clicked on your site sometime in the past. Visitors are retargeted or …

Why Does My Business Need Search Engine Optimization?

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You have heard about search engine optimization (SEO). You know that it works well for bringing in consistent new visitors for businesses online. Why, though, is it so powerful? Without SEO, your customers trying to find your exact business or services online is like looking for a needle in a giant …

Tips for Effective Reputation Management

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Online reviews play a major role in consumer purchasing decisions. From Facebook to Yelp, Google to YellowPages, there are many different online review sites that need to be regularly managed and monitored. Ignoring feedback about your business will not cause it to go away. In fact, it may just be …

To Hire In-House, or Outsource to a Marketing Agency?

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Digital marketing is becoming more specialized than ever, and the range of services that digital marketing covers is increasing, too, as more of our world moves online. Digital marketing now includes SEO, graphic design, web design, video, social media, reputation management, branding, messaging, email marketing, blogging, paid advertising, just to …

Our Tips for Putting a Social Media Strategy in Place for Your Business

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Social media is constantly evolving. Even the term social media makes it seem like one thing, but really, it is a term used to describe a number of very different platforms, each with their own unique set of etiquette, rules, limitations, and audiences. Social media includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, …

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