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There are definitely many aspects of online business management that we have to deal with when measuring your marketing success. One of the most important parts of any marketing campaign, is Call Tracking.

What information can we get from call tracking that would be useful for our business? Of course, there are many things that could be mentioned, but the following should be noted as the most significant:

  • List of unique numbers that have called: This could be used to show that marketing efforts are paying off. An increased number of unique calls would mean that the brand is really visible and possible customers are being directed right to the company. These calls could mean good income and reputation for the company these days.
  • Call origin: When examining the statistics of the website or business, this would show where most of the calls are coming in from. Is it from the local, national, or international client markets? By knowing all about this, proper planning could be done on future marketing campaign location concentrations.
  • Call time and frequency: At what periods of time are the calls coming in bulk? What time periods have shown to yield better conversion rates? By having knowledge of this, we could really allocate more system resources and even manpower to the business or company lines at specific times. This could increase company productivity and sales.
  • Call transcripts or recording: As managers or administrators, we could use these recordings to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of interactions with clients. How knowledgeable is the sales staff when it comes to the company’s brands and products? Knowing theses answers could definitely help us determine a possible cause of low visitor conversion rates.


We provide call tracking, to ensure our marketing campaigns are transparent, measurable, and to ensure that the Return on Investment (ROI) is the best that it can be for any given marketing campaign.

Our Call Tracking Services Include:

  1. Toll Free or Local Numbers: Depending on your goals, we can provide a toll free tracking number or local tracking number (in most areas).
  2. Number forwarding feature: If a business has many phone lines in use, we will forward the tracking number to your main line.
  3. Analysis reports: An interpretation of the data gathered through call tracking activities should be provided. Your business can make use of analysis reports for planning improvement to future operations.
  4. Access to recorded calls: As mentioned above, being able to examine calls personally is a huge advantage. You might think that recording the calls would mean you have to pay for extra storage space. If these are in the .wav (dot wav) format, the resulting file would have a smaller size which could be stored with much ease.

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