BHPH 2014 Offers New Market Advantages with Jeff Sherman

BHPH 2014 Offers New Market Advantages with Jeff Sherman

April 8, 2014
Topic: In The Press

BHPHThere is no question that the car sales industry has become much harder since 2008. Shoppers are far more selective about what they will commit to in borrowing, and the low interest rate market has made it much harder to make profit margins in today’s markets. So new thinking is needed to get outside the box and be competitive.

Dealers will find at the 2014 BHPH Convention a unique opportunity. Not only does the convention bring together some of the smartest minds in the dealership sales industry, it also gives dealers a great opportunity this year to tap into Top Marketing Agency’s expertise. Top Marketing Agency’s founder and owner, Jeff Sherman, will be attending 2014 BHPH to speak and share key insights on where the BHPH horizon is going.  As a top 20 national auto industry contributor on and with over 15 years of auto marketing experience, Jeff will be sharing a wealth of knowledge with the BHPH attendees.

Sherman’s speech will cover key topics such as how to help dealerships identify leakages resulting in business losses, how online marketing can boost leads and sales, best practices in key Internet practices and website marketing tools, how to make sense of and effectively manage site content managment including updating and, most importantly, how to build and maintain a digital reputation for a dealership.

The modern world is definitely finding its sales and products online, and e-commerce continues to grow exponentially. Jeff Sherman will show dealers how some of the latest ideas can mean big breakthroughs in stagnant markets. Don’t miss it at 2014 BHPH in Las Vegas!


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