Benefits of Outsourcing Your Craigslist Posting Campaign to Top Marketing Agency

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Craigslist Posting Campaign to Top Marketing Agency

October 22, 2011
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While many business owners realize the value of Craigslist as a marketing platform, they often are incapable of taking full advantage of the venue because:

  • they often lack the requisite time to properly manage a Craiglist campaign
  • they often lack the knowledge to optimize a Craigslist campaign
  • their Craigslist ads are often Ghosted, where they never actually show up on Craigslist
  • they often lack the ability to properly design an appealing ad and write effective copy for a Craigslist campaign
By teaming up with Top Marketing Agency to launch and manage your Craigslist campaign, every facet of the format is handled professionally to assure maximum Return on Investment. While conducting the campaign for most listings is free of charge, a business owner must consider the true cost to manage an effective Craigslist Marketing & Sales campaign:
  • professional copywriting
  • experienced in Craigslist HTML ad design
  • optimum category listings
  • repeated listings often on a daily basis
  • keyword choices to maximize relevant traffic
  • effective headline creation


Craigslist is an online community that has successfully combined:

  • Automotive Listings
  • Classified Advertising
  • Jobs Listings
  • Forums
  • Real Estate Listings
  • Personals
and much, much more! With over 4Billion page views per month, many business owners have realized the true value of an effective, properly managed campaign using this media platform. By hiring the Craigslist Experts at Top Marketing Agency to launch and manage your company’s Craigslist Campaign, you can reap the rewards of the billions of visitors to the platform.

Because Craigslist offers the capability to sort the wealth of information, products and services on its site geographically, this is an excellent platform for local and national marketing. The Craigslist Experts at Top Marketing Agency understand the intricacies of marrying the community from Craigslist to your local marketing campaign. By combining Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click campaigns and Craigslist campaign, Top Marketing Agency’s team will provide you a well-rounded, far reaching campaign that can grow your customer base organically.


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