Benefits of an e-mail Marketing Campaign with Top Marketing Agency

Benefits of an e-mail Marketing Campaign with Top Marketing Agency

December 3, 2011
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The e-mail Management Experts at Top Marketing Agency know that building your mailing list is essential. Used along side with Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Website Management, an efficiently managed e-mail campaign will compound the benefits of your internet marketing. Growing your e-mail list will extend your SMM audience and drive more business to your site.

1. Ownership

Because your list is private, you own the information. You have complete control over the maintenance of your subscribers. Although Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are well established, the continually changing nature of the sites can hamper your marketing efforts. With e-mail, the platform is constant, affording your business the opportunity to 100% access all the time.

2. Permission

Because an e-mail list is permission-based, these people want to receive information. Our e-mail management experts develop, sustain and manage your permission based e-mail campaign to maximize your Return on Investment.

3. Proactive

Because every e-mail recipient has opted to receive your messages, announcements are delivered to a qualified, verified and relevant audience.

4. Popularity

Although Facebook and Twitter are popular, not every internet user has an account. However, virtually all internet users have at least one e-mail account. This grants you access to businesses and individuals that have not yet discovered social media platforms. A properly designed and managed e-mail campaign will drive traffic to Facebook, Twitter, blogs and your website.

5. Ease

Even if a user does not open every e-mail, they at least glance at the “Subject” line. The potential thousands of Tweets, Statuses, etc., are not guaranteed to register with users. By combining an e-mail campaign with SMM, you grow in both communities.

Our experts can develop the most relevant recipient list and create the most effective messages. Contact us today at 888-843-9840.


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