Google Algorithm Update Scheduled for April 2015

Google Algorithm Update Scheduled for April 2015

March 18, 2015
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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? April of 2015 is not only going to be a rush to complete and submit taxes for business owners. As of April 21st this year, Google is making a shift in the way they rank websites in searches that are conducted. Sites that are not mobile friendly or whose mobile sites are not consistent with their desktop versions may not maintain their current ranking due to a change in the Google algorithm.

Google Algorithm Update Scheduled for April 2015

How Does this Change Work?

Search engines, like Google, utilize specific algorithms which are used to sort and categorize websites into the ranking which they appear on a results page. While many believe that search engine optimization is the major way to increase their chances of a top ranking, there are several aspects of optimization that some business owners fail to utilize, this is to be one more aspect of ranking consideration.

On April 21st, Google will be changing their algorithm to not only look for keyword usage and content, but they will also rank sites based on the quality and availability of a mobile site. This change comes after mobile searches have skyrocketed in the past decade, and the need for top ranking sites to have a clear, usable website on mobile devices is imperative.

What Does this Change Mean for Small Businesses?

In order to maintain a high ranking in Google search engine results, small business owners must now take a second look at how mobile-friendly their business is. This is a whole other aspect of their marketing scheme that is no longer an added convenience for their customers, but it is now an almost necessity if they want to maintain their online presence.

Additionally, those businesses that already have mobile sites, will need to review the functionality of them in order to ensure that it operates as closely as possible to the desktop version. While some changes could be minor in nature, without making these changes it could cause a business to fall from the first results page to the third overnight (literally!).

How Can a Business Make the Necessary Changes to Keep their Google Ranking?

With the deadline quickly approaching, many business owners find themselves in quite the predicament if they want to maintain their ranking with Google. The only way to ensure that the April deadline doesn’t affect their business is by improving their business’ mobility. The best way to improve the mobile quality of a business site quickly and to the standards of the Google algorithm is with the help of a marketing team.

Not only are marketing professionals, like those at Top Marketing Agency, able to help create and optimize mobile sites, but they can do so to the standards that Google is looking for in order to maintain a high ranking. Those businesses without mobile sites should definitely take advantage of the assistance of a marketing company, especially if they want to build their brand and maintain a strong foothold in their community.

Why Should a Business Owner Take Action?

There are a number of reasons why a business owner needs to take action before April 21st, including:

  • The need to maintain a high ranking in the most utilized search engine
  • Keep visibility of their business name high
  • Top the competition, as many are not familiar with the algorithm change or may not be making the necessary changes in a timely manner
  • Improve the mobile-friendliness of their business and attract more customers

Other than the fact that addressing the mobile website of a business can be somewhat time consuming, there are no pitfalls to improving the mobile quality of a site. In fact, each of the aforementioned reasons is absolutely positive for businesses of all sizes, regardless of their size or the number

As a close to tax season approaches, small business owners will have one more task on their plate – becoming mobile-friendly! However, this doesn’t have to be a difficult, nor time-consuming, process when you work with a knowledgeable marketing agency. To learn more about how Top Marketing Agency can help you maintain and improve your Google ranking call one of our experts today at (888) 843-9840!


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