All About Using SEO For Highly Competitive Phrases

All About Using SEO For Highly Competitive Phrases

February 13, 2020
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All About Using SEO For Highly Competitive Phrases

All keywords are not created equal. Some drive massive amounts of traffic, while some only offer a few visitors per month. Those with higher traffic volumes are also likely to be highly competitive. So how do you outrank your competitors for SEO highly competitive phrases?

There is a combination of techniques that we use to beat your competitors; this includes content creation, content optimization, and creating content around content clusters of related terms and phrases.

Everyone knows that content is king. With Google being a search engine, they understand words and phrases. To expand the words and phrases related to your website, you need to be creating content surrounding the topics within your industry continually.

Topical Content Creation

When you create topical industry-related content that is a valuable resource for your visitors, Google will see the value, and you will build rankings around phrases related to your industry topic.

As you create more content related to a specific topic or content clusters, your strength in that topic begins to grow, helping Google to see you as an industry leader on that topic. This helps you to achieve higher rankings for more competitive search terms and outrank your competitors.

Creating Relevant Content

We can help you create a content calendar built around specific terms that will help to drive targeted traffic to your website. As this traffic comes into your website and consumes the content, watching any videos, looking at images, reading the material, etc., this helps with one of Google’s signals being that pages with lower bounce rates are considered more valuable.

Building pages that encourage the visitor to move on to the next page with strong calls to action help us to send signals to Google again that your site is highly relevant and a trusted resource surrounding the terms we are targeting.

Our on-page optimization strategies help our clients improve their rankings when it comes to SEO for highly competitive phrases. If you are looking to beat your competitors with highly competitive phrases, contact Top Marketing Agency today.


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