Adjusting Your PPC Marketing To Flourish During COVID-19

Adjusting Your PPC Marketing To Flourish During COVID-19

April 28, 2020
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Adjusting Your PPC Marketing To Flourish During COVID-19

These times that we are in are nothing like we have ever seen. All of the changes being put into place will affect your business in a variety of ways. Some companies have to completely shut down their physical locations. Because of social distancing and other measures in place, websites are no longer a luxury but a necessity.  Online shopping has always been a big way to shop for many people. Now, it is necessary for businesses who can utilize it to stay afloat during this pandemic. How do you make your website conducive to this time we are in? One thing that must change on your site is your current PPC marketing strategy. That is where our team at Top Marketing Agency comes in. Our experienced and talented team can evaluate your existing website and provide strategies such as the ones below to help you get your site producing and bringing in the revenue that you need.

When Was The Last Time You Looked At Search Terms?

Your search terms that were working before may not work now. This is where our team comes in. In these ever-changing times, search terms change almost daily. It is vital that your search terms are reviewed regularly to avoid wasting your budget. Our team is highly experienced in reading these reports and helping you make the most of your campaign to get results.

Trending and Negative Keywords

While trending items change, they are good to keep updated on so that you can make sure your keywords are matching the searches. Also, you need to have someone take a look at negative keywords on your site as well. These negative keywords are words or phrases that are blocked if people are searching for them. For example, if they search a phrase and it is a negative keyword for your site, it won’t show your advertisement. This prevents your ad from being shown to clients who wouldn’t benefit or don’t want your particular services. It helps to save money as well. It makes sure that your potential clients can find you when they need to.

Make The Switch

You may have ad campaigns that are geared more towards mobile devices in the past. That is something that may now need to be reviewed. Many people are spending more and more time in the home, so they are utilizing a desktop instead of mobile. It could be beneficial to have your ads geared so that they can handle that switch as well.

Having an effective PPC marketing campaign is crucial now more than ever. You want your ads to make a difference and reach the clients who need you. Contact Top Marketing Agency today to discuss your marketing strategy by dialing (888) 843-9840.


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