A Website Design Built For Conversion

A Website Design Built For Conversion

November 30, 2019
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A Website Design Built For Conversion

Website design is a critical element of your online presence. It’s the combination of colors, graphics, and layouts that come together to represent your products and services. Building a website is one thing, building a website that is built for conversions is another.

User Experience
When designing a website, it should be designed to be user-friendly. To allow users to see the information that they need to understand what the offer is, the differentiators and unique selling propositions. In addition, there are indicators that help users understand where they are within your website that helps the customer throughout your website including headers, sub-headers, and breadcrumbs.

The graphics on each page should help to tell the story and be great representations of your business or products. Professional designers design and develop a wide range of sites that help to move customers throughout their journey and the buying cycle by creating a great digital presence.

Design Services
When you work with a design company, they will want to understand your business, your goals and your expectations from your website. Their goal will be to create a high-quality website that represents your business including creating an online store if needed, custom graphic design, matching social media graphics and other digital marketing assets and ensure that the copy for your website is best represented in the created website.

They’ll need to know your long term and short term goals, whether you’ll be using paid marketing and email marketing so they can create stunning landing pages to help you drive conversions from your efforts.

Landing Pages
Service-related websites often utilize landing pages to display information in a way that draws the customer in with storytelling, working in unique selling propositions, large graphics and strong calls to action. Landing pages can include a form, checkout buttons, online scheduling calendars and more.

The focus is really about giving the potential customer compelling reasons to move forward with action and having them follow through. Landing pages are usually used in paid marketing such as paid search or social advertising, but can also be used for email marketing

Internet Marketing
Once the website is done it will be time to implement internet marketing tactics to drive traffic and sales. This can include implementing search engine optimization, email marketing, social advertising, and paid search advertising. Small businesses and large businesses alike drive traffic and sales from their digital marketing efforts. Ensuring you select a company with years of experience and success carrying out these tactics is vital.

If you’re ready to partner with a company in helping you with your custom website design and can also ensure your success with internet marketing services that drive results, be sure to reach out to Top Marketing Agency at (888)843-9840 to learn how we can help!


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