7 Important Search Engine Optimization Tips to Utilize in 2017

7 Important Search Engine Optimization Tips to Utilize in 2017

July 24, 2017
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7 Important Search Engine Optimization Tips to Utilize in 2017

SEO or search engine optimization continues to be a valid and profitable way to gain online viewers and increase conversions. While there were many changes instituted in 2016 that affect websites and internet crawlers, SEO trends in 2017 remain strong and should still be utilized.

These 7 tips will ensure you stay on top of your advertising game:

  1. Social media venues such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are more important than ever. Optimizing your pages will maximize your visibility.
  2. Videos elevate your page ranking on SERPs. Engaging videos are not only entertaining but increase interest in what you offer potential customers.
  3. Mobile optimization is no longer a bonus but is critical to success, as the viewing audience utilizes all types of devices to conduct searches.
  4. Having a voice search function is necessary since many users are turning to this safer manner to access the internet when driving or completing another task at the same time. Siri is no longer the only voice-responsive assistant available.
  5. Combining content appeals to a larger audience. Taking advantage of all avenues of traffic generation (social media, maps, wiki, videos and images) builds authority with viewers.
  6. Mobile apps remain popular. Optimizing your app should be at the top of your SEO priorities.
  7. Local SEO is gaining prevalence. Search engines like Google must know where you are located to increase visibility on search pages.

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