6 Ways to Help Your Business Get More Online Customer Reviews

6 Ways to Help Your Business Get More Online Customer Reviews

March 10, 2015
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Why are Online Reviews so Important ?


Obtaining consistent and positive customer reviews online can be difficult for any business regardless of industry or company size. A customer misunderstanding or negative impression can go a long way, as 80% of new customers research company reviews online in advance of ever contacting a company regarding products or services.

Out of all the customers that do business with any given company, only 7.75% who do have a positive experience, are inclined to leave a written review online.

Encouraging your customers who have had a great experience with your business is one approach to take, but what else can be done in order to streamline and assist with the process?

6 Ways to Help Your Business Get More Online Customer Reviews

Below are six methods to help your business receive more online customer reviews that any good review monitoring service would recommend.


  1. Create a Business Profile on a Number of Review Sites – Creating a business profile on all major review sites is a great way to make it easy for your customers to leave their feedback and provide a clear description of your business to future review readers.
  2. Make Leaving Reviews Simple – No one is going to want to jump through hoops to leave your business a review, regardless how great their service was. For this reason, it’s important that you make leaving a review simple by sharing links to review sites from easily accessible places, like your website or via e-mail.
  3. Create Incentives – While you never want to buy reviews, you can offer incentives to get your customers to leave their feedback. For instance, offer entry into a monthly drawing for those who leave reviews, or a 10% off coupon for their next purchase. This helps to get more reviews and can keep them coming back to your business for services as well!
  4. Get Customers Involved – There is no rule that says you can’t ask your customers to leave reviews for you. Anytime a customer receives great service (which hopefully is every time), ask them to leave their feedback for you on a review site. Someone who is truly pleased with their experience typically won’t mind doing so, and you know the review is going to be positive!
  5. Show Genuine Appreciation for Reviews Left – Whenever possible, reply to a review left for your business with a genuine thanks. Individuals who have left reviews for your business are helping to build your reputation, so they deserve a timely thanks for taking time out of their day to help your business.
  6. Work with a Top Marketing Agency – If you are serious about increasing the online reviews and improving your company’s reputation, we can help! We’ve developed a streamlined reputation management service that works to simplify the review process for your customers. Rather than leaving it up to the customer to go home and leave a review for you, we have created an efficient follow-up system that has been proven to increase and improve a business’ reputation on thousands of review sites.

Whether you are having a hard time getting reviews at all, or you have received negative feedback on review sites, our review monitoring service can provide experienced guidance in receiving and maintaining positive customer reviews online.

To learn more about review tracking, and more about why it can be so difficult to get good reviews for businesses without a proper system in place, contact Top Marketing Agency today at (888)843-9840.


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