6 Digital Marketing Strategies that you should be Implementing

6 Digital Marketing Strategies that you should be Implementing

August 4, 2014
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Marketing in the digital world for small businesses can seem overwhelming. There is so much chatter and similar activity going on, it’s easy to feel like one’s company is drowning in a sea of thousands if not millions of “buy me” messages. This is where good marketing skills stand out, and some of the best examples to emulate are the big businesses who are top dog in their industries.

This doesn’t mean a small business should hock the farm to afford a multi-million dollar ad agency. Instead, it means taking pointers from what big companies do to get attention. Here are six methods regarding Online Marketing services for today’s modern business:

1. Create Life in a Brand – Be your own mad Frankenstein in marketing and bring your brand to life with a well-timed and executed media event tied into streaming film or video on the Internet. With a bit of creativity it can go viral. Sports events, big parties, concerts, and interviews with celebrities all attract attention. Compelling videos and photos grab attention and draw people into your website and overall brand image.

2. Put Your Marketing in Today, not Tomorrow – Tie your brand marketing to a specific, current event, whether it be a trend, a holiday or a new pop culture movement. There are many ways to incorporate what your business offers into current events and popular topics.

3. Utilize Good Content – People know an ad or marketing message is selling something. That’s a given. Good content makes it memorable. That’s why we still remember the old lady from “where’s the beef?” and the Chihuahua from a fast food Mexican restaurant with a bell.

4. Oomph Up the Technology – A wide variety of marketing tech tools are available to help businesses get a hold of their online marketing strategies. This includes analytical services, tracking, databases and more. Take advantage of these tools versus expensive, off-the-shelf comparables.

5. Build a family of followers – Community is a key word in digital marketing. It creates a steady group of followers to tap into the latest events of a company and follow it like a TV show. So make sure the show is entertaining. Give them plots, stories, ongoing arch’s and reasons to return to your site.

6. Don’t Go in Blind – Always have a strategy in place for every marketing activity. Ideally, everything should tie together and be under one umbrella direction, with each marketing activity playing a part in a bigger whole. It’s easy to get caught up in one task and then lose sight of the big picture. Always have a strategy first before doing anything.

To get started, Top Marketing Agency can help a growing business thrive online. Give us a call at (888) 843-9840 to learn more about our Online Marketing strategies, and how we can grow your brand and customer base through the use of successful marketing techniques.


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