4 Must-Have Items In Your New Website Design

4 Must-Have Items In Your New Website Design

June 9, 2020
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4 Must-Have Items In Your New Website Design

When it comes to your online reputation, your website is where it gets started. It is vital that as a business owner that you have a solid website design to accurately represent your brand, who you are, and the products or services you can provide. There are four must-have items that you should implement if you’re considering a website relaunch. These items may not seem as important as you think; however, they are critical to your success.

Your Story Matters

Your unique story and content matter. It is crucial that when it comes to products, services, your team in action, you have photos that show that. Stock photos are great additions, but they can be overused. It is important to have your unique content at the forefront.

Engaging Content Doesn’t Have To Be Long

When it comes down to it, people’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter over time. It is important that your content is engaging and provides quality. However, it can be shorter content than you may think. You want to relay your message but not belabor the point to where your customers don’t finish reading it. It needs to add value to those who click on your site.

Break Up The Website Content

One way to do this is by utilizing the headings and bullet point options in your content. This allows the eye to skim over the content itself and break it into smaller, bite-size pieces. This also encourages your readers to stay around on the site longer.

Utilize Ads Wisely

While ads are a great way to earn revenue and sponsor your site, they can become overbearing. In some instances, your clients may click off the site entirely because the ads take over. Be sure you’re considering wisely where to place the ads and how many you actually want on the pages of your site.

All of this may seem overwhelming, and that is why the website design experts at Top Marketing Agency are here. We work with you to design a concise, user-friendly website for your business. Contact our team today at (888) 843-9840 to set up your free consultation.


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